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We help Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Sales Teams create plans that GET TANGIBLE RESULTS that Strengthen Trust, Increase Productivity, and Provide High Ticket Revenue Consistently.

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Tanya is an accomplished author, motivational speaker, and leadership expert that would love to work directly with you, your team, or your business

Executive Coach, High Performance Sales Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, and Author

We have work to do! Is your company currently creating record breaking sales month after month... consistently? Most business owners, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs have huge revenue goals, but are not sure why things are not working.

Using outdated sales methods, lack of training towards how customers buy, and not understanding what it really takes to easily transform low ticket sales to high ticket sales- has been an ongoing issue with most companies and sales teams today.

This doesn't have to be the case. I can help you create record breaking sales months. Reach out, and let's create a plan.

Evolve. Unlike most companies that struggle to lead their teams and themselves, and be respected, we created an ecosystem where leaders and team members thrive together and excel. Support collaboration, encourage healthy communication, and GET SERIOUS SUSTAINABLE RESULTS.

Where to start? Connecting with me is a great place to do just that!

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Respecting Women as Purchasers is Key to Business Growth It's surprising that more people, especially salespeople. Women make up 85 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions, and account for $7 trillion in consumer and business spending. business owners understand this, and will continue to look at ways to build relationships with this key consumer. * - 2019 Inc Magazine

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My career has been spent training and developing professional salespeople. I have lead incredibly successful sales teams, as well, and the combined knowledge and results achieved in both sales and leadership are what make me the best choice to support you! I mentor high performing, results-driven professionals to increase their close percentage, make more money, and not have to sell their integrity to do it!

Where to start?

The good news is that you have started already! As an accredited coach and award-winning leader in sales and leadership, I don’t have to understand the intricacy of your product or service to help you engage your clients and create the desire to purchase from YOU.

”“You and your teams can either adapt and thrive, or wither away into irrelevance, like so many companies and sales professionals have. Nature gives you a choice. Today’s consumer is not motivated or purchases the same way as they had even 10 years ago!“

— Tanya Waymire

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Award winning and accredited leader, let the success I found in my failures inspire your teams and lessen their challenges. Learn more


Whether you are happy with it, or not, your business has a culture. What everyone perceives of that culture is the actions and words of each of your team members. Activating a great culture is about accepting where your organization is today and having a custom plan for a healthy and sustainable culture. If you have to ask yourself if the culture is healthy and sustainable, it needs a check-up by an expert. As an executive and leadership coach, I can support your organization with this. The health of your culture is a top priority to the success and productivity you expect.


You are a leader. You entrust others to execute in a leadership role. How do they lead? How does that align with the overall objectives and culture of your organization? What are the key attributes every leader must have to maintain a key role? Grit, drive, and determination are a great place to measure from. We can create a workshop that helps align your expectations with the skills of your executives and leadership teams.


One of the biggest contributing factors to the quality of your culture is the health of your organization’s communication. In nearly every business I have helped to evolve and transform, how the executives viewed the health of the communication was in direct contradiction to how the full time and part time team members did. This can be a tough pill to swallow. So, you can either ignore it and hope it will improve, or you can decide to address it. Given you are reading this now, you already know what your decision should be.